At Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency we work hard to ensure you receive professional, friendly, and efficient service.  Below you will find comments and feedback from clients all over the world. We would like to thank all of them, and encourage you to go after the house of your dreams. Our customers are our continued source of inspiration.

Esther & Nils, Amsterdam


Those who have been looking for a house for a while know that there are many different kinds of real-estate agents and that quality of service and support varies a lot. You might think that with a house market like the one we currently have, your house will sell itself and quality of real-estate agent doesn’t matter, but we have learned that a good service does make a big difference on how viewers perceive your house, how well it sells and eventually on your own wellbeing! Because, yes, selling a house is nerve-wracking. We invited several real-estate agents for a first talk and in the end decided to follow the recommendation of a friend who had sold and bought her house with the help of Mie-Lan. We chose the small agency over big agency, even though higher in price, but somehow we had a better feeling with the ladies. No digital portal where you are informed about visits or what to prepare – instead personal conversations. In fact, Mie-Lan Kok organized the visits in such an efficient way – 3 or 4 days filled with viewings (one after the other that there would be no ‘crowds’), that no digital portal was needed anyhow. We left the well cleaned house in the morning and returned around five, and 8, 9 or 10 viewings had been done. We received good tips upfront how to make the best impression how to get the best photos. The way the biddings were handled was really good, too – in fact they took care of it all and with smart negotiation skills managed to get an awesome sales price for us! Another very positive aspect was that upfront, they took very well care of collecting from us all the papers needed, so when the house was sold, no surprises to arrange missing labels or papers – which had happened when we sold another house in Amsterdam a few years before. All in all Mie-Lan Kok and her employees made us feel valued and ‘King’ and not just one amongst many clients. And, the person who bought our house also chose Mie-Lan Kok to sell his own house again, which I think says enough!

Robin & Steven, Amsterdam

Very satisfied, the most professional estate agents I have ever dealt with. It took us a few months to find a great apartment at the right price and we felt well informed and supported the whole way through.

Richard Smith, Amsterdam

Salt digital recruitment

Nice estate agency, I sold my apartment through them and they got me the price I wanted within 10 days of putting the apartment on the market. Only had to meet with them once and the entire remainder of the sale was managed from off shore which was much appreciated.

Coline & Philippe, Utrecht

Less than three months after arriving in Netherlands, we have been able to moved in our new house!
As new expats, we would have never been able to do it without Mie-Lan Kok and Marieke. The service was very professional and efficient. Thanks a lot again to all your team!!

Mark Groot, Amsterdam

Had a wonderful experience having Mie-Lan and her colleagues helping me buy my first apartment in Amsterdam. I was offered very professional yet personal service and they accompanied me to every viewing. Furthermore their advice and research was invaluable in finding my way around the Amsterdam housing market and not overpay in the current madness. I’m super satisfied with my new apartment and I would 100% recommend Mie-Lan to all my friends and family.

Sabrine & Yassir, Amsterdam

The experience of buying a property as an expat in the Netherlands where you are neither fluent in Dutch language nor in Dutch Law is quite overwhelming. During that experience, we were happy and more that satisfied to be assisted by Mie Lan Kok team and specifically Marieke. They were efficient, knew exactly what we wanted and advised us wisely throughout the process.
We definitely recommend their services !

Andrea Sárközi, Amsterdam

I had the chance to work with all the 3 ladies, they posses the same high level knowledge about the real estate market, enthusiasm, professional approach. They guided me thru the process, they always had patience to explain every single detail. I learned a lot about the housing market myself too 🙂 The service they provide is truly high level and extremely detail oriented. Of course I am very happy with my purchase, finding a house in Amsterdam is impossible if you are doing it on your own. I can only recommend Mie-Lan Kok Real estate agency. 🙂

Gesa & Holger, Haarlem

It was the second time that we worked with Mie-Lan and we can definetely recommend her and her wonderful team if you think of selling or buying a property in the Netherlands.

Not only that they think of everything and are the perfect reliable and professional partner during the whole sometimes stressful process – they also do their work in such a pleasant and always positve kind of way.

Thank you Mie-Lan and team for your help, we will definitely come back to you again.

Lilian Del Aguila, Utrecht

Very good service. I am happy with my purchase, the process went easy and fast with Mie Lan Kok help.
Nice team of people and very professional.
100% recommended

Erdem & Fulya, Amsterdam

We had a very good experience with Mie-Lan Kok. The market in Amsterdam is crazy in so many ways, I can’t even imagine how could we buy a house without the help of Marieke. She joined all the visits with us. Pointed all the negative and positive sides of the properties that we didn’t notice. Advised us about the worthy price, created and followed the offers. She was there on the technical inspection, she was there at the notary. She was always honest and professional. Definitely recommended!