Visiting the Big Apple – 2015 Real Estate Connect Experience

In February I was in the “Big Apple”, New York City, to attend and be a pannel expert at the 2015 Real Estate Connect experience. The trip was a hit.   I learned allot and met tons of interesting people.  One of the thing that stood out was being introduced to a company called “Matterport”.  They created an affordable way to give a 3-D impression of a home without ever having to set foot in it.  The standard way of seeing properties has been through photography and video, but … oh my …. have times changed. The “3D Walkthrough” offers a unique high resolution immersion experience of “walking” through a house, as if you are right there. You can see below a picture of me wearing the device.  It was truly an amazing experience and one I hoep will soon be available to everyone interested in selling or buying a new home.