Melanie Enid and James Appleby

Being new arrivals in the Netherlands, we were very fortunate to meet Mie-Lan at our first apartment viewing in Amsterdam. We found Mie-Lan and her team to be extremely professional and highly experienced. Mie-Lan understood our ‘wish list’ and never wasted anytime by suggesting any properties that were inappropriate. She was able to guide us though the market to find exactly what were looking for, and then negotiated a very good price for it. Most importantly for us, and perhaps unexpectedly, we found Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency to be thoughtful and genuine. They understand the needs and concerns of someone newly arrived in the country in regards to purchasing a property, but also on a personal level. We have already enthusiastically recommended Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so.