Mark Heathcote

Before living in Holland I had already bought in the past an apartment in my country of origin. I did this without the help of any agents and it all went well. So when I was now living in Holland and considering buying here my first approach was to do the same. I studied the market, checked prices, qualities and available square meters of properties in different neighbourhoods, informed myself about different legalities and tried to get the feeling of the price trends in relation to the changing economic environment. However, buying a property in a foreign land is different than in your own country. Not only the language barrier, but also different legal aspects and business practices. I decided it was good to have the help of a local agent to deal with the process and provide me advice and I was recommended to contact Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency. I was very happy with Mie-Lan’s support because: she provided me with a necessary second opinion from an expert in the market in relation with the value of the properties. Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency arranged all the buying process, including liaising with the notary and mortgage advisor. The property I finally purchased was still not officially in the market when Mie-Lan found it for me. Looking on my own I would not expect to have come across it before someone else took it. Mie-Lan negotiated a reduction in the price which was just over her total fees. I think it is easier to purchase a property through an agent than on your own. All the parties involved in the process will generally prefer to deal with an agent than an individual person, as this allows for a smoother process and provides more guarantees of completion. I recommend Mie-Lan to anyone who is planning to purchase a property. With her help I purchased a great apartment in a great location at a good price.