Marianne MacMillan

I have been a client of Mie-Lan’s for a number of years and two homes later I am honored to be able to say that Mie-Lan’s work has been exemplary. As an Expat, buying a house can be difficult both from a cultural and logistical perspective. Mie-Lan’s approach is needs based and she was quickly able to determine what was important to me in a home. Mie-Lan treats each home purchase as if it were a home that she was buying herself. This is not a quality you find every day. Her strength in the negotiation was the determining factor for me to be able to purchase my new home. Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency also helps provide the services that are required to ensure that you have made the right financial decision and the tools to be happy and comfortable in your home. The small attention to details before and after purchasing my new house was what made this experience truly special.