Cuixiao Feng & Weiwei Du

我们非常高兴有Mie-Lan Kok作为我们在荷兰的买房中介。他们非常专业,效率很高,确实是处处为客户着想。在实地看房的过程中,Mie-Lan Kok给了我们很多非常有价值的意见,不少细节的考量确实在建立在多年的经验基础之上的,这是我们最为看重也是最感谢Mie-Lan Kok 的地方。而且Mie-Lan Kok所有交流都是英文,荷兰语的文件都会主动翻译成英文,重要文件比如买房合同还会登门讲解。正是有了Mie-Lan Kok,我们在荷兰的买房经历才如此顺利,值得推荐。

I would like to recommend Mie-Lan Kok as your Real Estate Agent in Netherlands.They are professional, efficiency and really customer-oriented. During house viewing, their opinions and experience are really helpful. They also helped us to check all the documents and provided us the translation and explanation face to face in English. If you want to purchase real estate in Netherlands, Mie-Lan Kok are definitely your first choice.