Chris Akpan

I recently sold my property in Amsterdam. Mie-Lan, who acted as my advisor, provided a highly professional and meticulous service from the moment her firm took over responsibility for the sales process. It is useful to note that I have been based in Great Britain throughout the period in which Mie-Lan Kok conducted the buyer search and subsequent sale of my former property. In addition, I do not speak Dutch and this added some complexity to navigating the buyer search and sale process. Mie-Lan Kok and her staff took a very hands-on approach from the start, adding personal touches when preparing the flat for the foto shoot which was used for the brochure. Furthermore Mie-Lan assisted me with negotiating directly with the mortgage bank when setting the price for the sale of the property, guiding me through the property transfer process which was mainly in Dutch and clarification of the sales documentation. These are a few of the many services that she and her staff provided. In the very difficult real estate market in which I sold my property, I credit Mie-Lan’s insight with assisting in the successful closing of the sales transaction, especially given my experience with previous real estate advisors who I had contracted to sell the same property.