Bogdan Sarbu

I was recommended Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency by a colleague. I looked around on the internet and visited a couple of apartments myself, but never felt I was that I had enough knowledge of buying an apartment in The Netherlands. I picked a couple of locations in Utrecht and then asked for her assistance. Mie-Lan, then took over the processes, while I focused on my daily work. She made sure that the checks on the house were done with the city counsel, the bidding, the notary – all things which Mie-Lan and her staff take care of. I really appreciated the level of attention and dedication to my case and the skill in preparing and executing the bidding. I ended up with a very good deal, which has left me with a great apartment with everything that I wanted – and yet 2 years later, I still love the place! Thank you and I couldn’t be more happy!