Ana Marquez and Luís Gomes de Abreu

We came in contact with Mie-Lan when we where looking for houses to buy. Even after just one brief encounter, Mie-Lan was very honest in suggesting what would suit us best. As the search proceeded we decided to contact Mie-Lan again in order to have an agent which would help us dealing with all the legal situations, as well as because she gave us a good first impression. This was a life saver and Mie-Lan took care of the process very delicately, corresponding to our expectations in a very professional but also informal way. During negotiations Mie-Lan made sure we would have a good deal and until the end of the process she always worked with really good partners which gave us a sense of liability and trust. So, we are really satisfied that Mie-Lan was our agent as this made the whole buying process a little less scary.