PART 5 – How do I find the right estate agent? (click here for the video)

It is always smart to hire a professional registered estate agent when you are buying what will most likely be the most expensive purchase of your life: your home. By hiring an estate agent you will avoid making costly mistakes and ensure a smooth process.

A house is more than a home; it’s a long-term financial investment. Making it be the biggest investment, it is important you are guided every step of the way.

In The Netherlands, the title of “estate agent” is not a protected profession, and thus everyone can call themselves an “estate agent”.  It is important to know that if you hire “Mr. Nice Guy” who was possibly selling used cars a week ago, is now representing you in buying your home. To check weather your estate agent is a registered member, check if he/she is a member of a real estate association such as the NVM and VBO,  and if he/she is licensed to perform valuations for the bank.  It is important to find the right estate agent before you go rushing off looking for homes without having proper representation. Find an estate agent who you trust, one that you feel comfortable with and one who understands your needs and wishes.  As an expat it is also very important that your estate agent is able to provide the “Purchase Deed” and other paper work in English. Estate Agents charge a commission between 1% and  2% of the final purchase price (excluding VAT), pending the type of service.

Your estate agent must be a:
1.   Registered estate agent
2.   Member of an association of estate agents
3.   Trustworthy