How to Choose the Right Selling Estate Agent

Choosing an agent is one of the most important steps towards a successful sale. It can make the difference between getting a really good price, and not selling your house at all. But how do you choose the right estate agent?

Online Estate Agents

Online estate agents are much cheaper than conventional  estate agents. But they vary in terms of what packages and prices they offer. If you can sell your home for the right price this way you will save a lot of money. But beware that not getting the best price for your home can be much more costly than paying an estate agent. Estate agents have considerable more experience when it comes to showing homes and negotiate the best price with potential buyers. The vast majority of homeowners will not. This means you should call on the person with the most experience in this role, and this is why calling on the estate agent for selling your property is the smart choice.

Association Of Estate Agents

In the Netherlands the profession of an estate agent is not protected, that means that anybody can sell your home. But would you hire a dabbler in real estate or do you want a professional at your side? A professional estate agent is a member of an Association of Estate Agents, like VBO-makelaar or NVM. Members of each organisation sign up to a code of practice and must perform their work in good faith, independently and expertly.

Registered Estate Agents

Registered estate agents are granted licences by NRVT and they are allowed to value properties on behalf of the financial institutions. They can perform valuations only if they have a valid licence or registration. These qualified persons will give you the best advice in property pricing.


Ask friends and neighbours if they can recommend an estate agent or read the testimonials, before you decide who you want to do business with. Interview one or more, to find the one with the experience, skill and personality that matches your needs.

Viewing Policy

What is their viewing policy?  Do they arrange Open Houses? With the current market this might be the easiest ways to have multiple prospective homebuyers in a short period in your property, but will your property look the best with all those people in your house at the same time ? Wouldn’t it be better that they view your property just with your selling estate agent, so they can experience the space in a much better way? The selling estate agent has more possibilities to inform potential buyers in a proper way. Most buyers who are seriously shopping for a home are working with a buying estate agent. They get new listings from their agent as new homes come on the market. And their estate agent will accompany them during the viewings.

Marketing Policy

Nowadays you have competitive online mediums, so there’s no shortage of potential ways to market your home. But which portals are they using to advertise your home and do they use social media to promote the sale as well? A good estate agent will invest in marketing to ensure they get the best price for your property.


Those that have mastered the mediums of online marketing, know quite well how important it is to have a professional website. So have a look at their websites. There will be information about the company, staff, range of services and perhaps some testimonials from customers. Look at the properties they are listing for sale. Are they presented with good quality photographs, video’s, floor plans and clear information? Would you be happy to see your property on their website?

Valuation Of Your Property

While there’s no harm in doing some preliminary research yourself, for which the Internet can be a very useful tool, there’s no substitute for a professional, independent valuation. A professional estate agent will visit your house to give a free valuation and give several examples of similar properties that are recently sold.They will tell you what they think the asking price should be and how much the property may actually sell for. Don’t be mislead by optimistic price promises. Some agents give deliberately optimistic valuations, to make you think you can get a higher price with them, and then try to talk you down when your property doesn’t sell.

Estate Agent’s Fee

With such an important transaction, check exactly what they are providing for their fee. If you sell your house using an estate agent, their fee will usually be based on a percentage of the price paid by the buyer. And there may be start-up costs like a photoshoot, styling and advertising. Remember that the lowest rate doesn’t always mean the best. You may find it is worth paying more to choose a proactive agent who will ultimately achieve a better price for your property. Finally, always make sure there are no other costs to consider.

Assess The Estate Agent

Above all make sure you are comfortable with the agent that you pick as they will be your guide through the entire process of selling your home. Go with your gut instinct. Remember, you will need to work together and feel you can trust each other. If you have any doubts, avoid getting into a relationship with them, as it will only create problems further down the line.

The Bottom Line

Property selling is not something most people do every day, it might seem a little daunting, so choosing an estate agency to handle the sale makes much more sense. Would you like to know more about selling your house? We are happy to help!