IJburg Amsterdam


Location and History

This fairly new area called “IJburg” is situated on “het IJ “, a lake East of Amsterdam. It has been developed on reclaimed land (an area of expertise by the Dutch) and is considered to be part of “Amsterdam Oost”. This man–made island has been erected and resurrected in 1996. IJburg actually is connected by one bridge but consist of six small islands: Steigereiland (Jetty island), Haveneiland Oost & West (East & West Harbour Island), and the three Rieteilanden (Reed Islands).


As a planned project, this neighborhood features a well thought out infrastructure in regards to schools and access to basic shopping. You can find modern residential architecture overlooking water and parks. The residents of IJburg come from a mixture of backgrounds and cultures, making it a diverse and interesting place to live.


The first residents moved into their houses in 2002. Here, the water reflects in the air and the light is therefore brighter than in the rest of Amsterdam. The wind blows stronger than in the rest of Amsterdam, like a sea breeze. The wind blows away the clouds and the sun seems to shine brighter. IJburg feels like a holiday island all year, and is often referred to as Amsterdam by the sea!  You will see classic and cutting edge contemporary buildings and modern houseboats mixed together. The neighborhood includes shops and leisure facilities. The big attraction is its very own city beach “Blijburg”, that attracts many Amsterdam residents as they visit the beach to enjoy sunny days.
Due to its recent construction, the entire island has access to the fastest public fibre optic broadband in the world.

Housing Market IJburg Amsterdam

You will find housing options with numerous new high-rise construction. There are modern buildings, houses, as well as the famous Dutch house boats. Home buyers, who love modern architecture and space will be attracted to this area. It offers more space for your housing budget, while remaining easily accessible to central Amsterdam.

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