5 Tips how to Sell your Home if you have Pets

Selling a house with pets can be a bit more challenging than usual. Not everybody will fall in love with your pet the same way that you have. Buyers might be afraid or allergic of pets. This is the time to create an environment that gives potential buyers a more favorable impression of your property.

1. Eliminate Pet Odor

If you have pets, before you list your home for sale, it’s critical that you give your home a deep cleaning. Our sense of smell has a powerful effect on our emotions and on our perception. Masking pet odor with an air freshener, essential oils or candles is a band-aid, Have it sparkling cleaned. Hire a house cleaning service and have them thoroughly clean your house before you have the viewings.

2. Clean Up Your Pet’s Belongings

It’s best to not make it super obvious that pets are currently in your home. Hide away food and water bowls, and keep beds away for the day. Eliminate the extra pet clutter, like toys etc., that has accumulated throughout the house.

3. Remove the litter box

There is nothing that can kill a showing faster than the smell of a cat litter box. If possible, keep the litter box in an outdoor area, shed or garage. Ultimately away from the viewing features of your home.

4. Prepare Your Garden

First and foremost, make sure the property is free from animal droppings. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to step in an area where you have forgotten to pick up after your pet.

5. Temporary Relocation.

Consider that potential buyers might be afraid of animals or vice versa. Relocating your pet during a showing is the ideal situation. Some home sellers take their dog for a walk during showings or bring them to relatives or friends.

With a little extra effort, your pets can stay safe and happy, and your house can be sold! Would you like to have more tips on selling your house? Contact us!