10 Tips for Why you should Use a Selling Estate Agent

You might think that using a real estate agent can be expensive, and selling your house yourself is a great way to save money. And that you know the most about your property and its history. But is this a wise thing to do?

  • 1. What do you know about home staging?

Real estate agents make valuable suggestions that may enhance your home’s appeal and have you sell your home faster and for a higher price. They can also put you in contact with home staging professionals who can suggest how to optimize your decor.

  • 2. Do you know how to market your property?

Many homeowners think that they are capable of selling their property without the assistance of an estate agent. But if you’re wondering whether or not to take this route, it’s vital to bear in mind that a good marketing plan for the sale is crucial. A real estate agent knows how to have the best pictures taken, create the best brochures and knows which websites best to use to advertise your property. Next to that they will also be using designated social media to get the best exposure.

  • 3. Do you have time for viewings?

Once your home is online, potential buyers will start to contact you about viewing your home. If you choose to host the viewing yourself remember to highlight all the good points. You’ll need to be flexible and arrange to show them the home during a time that works best for them. Can you rush home from work every time someone wants to see your home? If you use an online agent to sell your home, you may need to do a lot of the work yourself. Selling a house without an estate agent can take more time than you may expect.

  • 4. Are you a sales type?

The experienced estate agent has the knowledge of different sales techniques to provide you useful advice. An agent can find out whether someone who wants to view your house is really a qualified buyer or just a dreamer or a curious neighbor. They are professionals who are trained to present their client’s house in the best possible way.

  • 5. Can you bear critisism of your home?

To negotiate a lower price, home owners will probably hear a lot about their home’s shortcomings from buyers trying. The emotional aspect of selling a property is often overlooked, but it’s an important part of the selling process. Remember: the seller’s agent will always have the seller’s best interest as a primary focus.

  • 6. Can you keep your emotions out of the sale?

Selling your home is typically an emotional process. Having an agent keeps you one step removed from making stupid mistakes such as refusing to counter a low offer because you’re offended or giving in too easily when you have a deadline for selling your home. Not only are you inexperienced, but you’re also likely to be emotional about the process, and without your own agent to point out when you’re being irrational, you’re being irrational, it is more likely to make poor decisions.

  • 7. Can you deal with a buying estate agent?

Most buyers work with real estate agents when they are looking for a house. The buyer’s agent will have the best interest of the buyer in mind, not yours. Who will have the upper hand in negotiations and the selling process? Both the buyer’s and seller’s agent work full time as real estate agents and they know what needs to be done to get a deal together.

  • 8. Are you a good negotiator?

Negotiating the sale of your own home can be tricky and awkward. Estate agents negotiate well because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they can remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction. When you have an estate agent, your agent will help you decide whether you should accept it or submit a counter-offer. They’ll also help you get through the mountain of paperwork that is necessary to close the deal.

  • 9. Are you up against problems?

Should any problems or difficulties arise throughout the selling process, your estate agent will provide you with advice for the best options and guidance to overcome any obstacles that may be blocking a good sale of your home.

  • 10. How is your legal knowledge?

Contracts can be hard to handle. An professional real estate agent deals with the same contracts and conditions on a regular basis, and is familiar with which conditions should be used, how to use the contract to protect you.

Are you an expert in selling homes? While there are certainly people who are qualified to sell their own homes, the process isn’t as simple as many people assume. And when you get into a difficult situation, it can really pay off to have a professional on your side. A real estate agent will make you more money on the sale of your home because of their knowledge and experience.