Bij Mie-Lan Kok Makelaardij werken we hard om ervoor te zorgen dat je professionele, vriendelijke en efficiënte service krijgt. Lees hier de referenties van onze tevreden klanten die wij geassisteerd hebben bij het aan- of verkopen van hun woning.

Aurelien Baillon and Oliver Lauterwein, Den Haag

Erasmus Universiteit, ING

Mie-Lan gave us very good advices and provided good support when we bought our house. She explained us everything we should know about the housing market and the law in the Netherlands.

Mark Heathcote, Amsterdam

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Before living in Holland I had already bought in the past an apartment in my country of origin. I did this without the help of any agents and it all went well. So when I was now living in Holland and considering buying here my first approach was to do the same. I studied the market, checked prices, qualities and available square meters of properties in different neighbourhoods, informed myself about different legalities and tried to get the feeling of the price trends in relation to the changing economic environment. However, buying a property in a foreign land is different than in your own country. Not only the language barrier, but also different legal aspects and business practices. I decided it was good to have the help of a local agent to deal with the process and provide me advice and I was recommended to contact Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency. I was very happy with Mie-Lan’s support because: she provided me with a necessary second opinion from an expert in the market in relation with the value of the properties. Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency arranged all the buying process, including liaising with the notary and mortgage advisor. The property I finally purchased was still not officially in the market when Mie-Lan found it for me. Looking on my own I would not expect to have come across it before someone else took it. Mie-Lan negotiated a reduction in the price which was just over her total fees. I think it is easier to purchase a property through an agent than on your own. All the parties involved in the process will generally prefer to deal with an agent than an individual person, as this allows for a smoother process and provides more guarantees of completion. I recommend Mie-Lan to anyone who is planning to purchase a property. With her help I purchased a great apartment in a great location at a good price.

Anwar Mirza, Nieuw-Vennep

TNT Express

It’s not often that you find an estate agent who is diligent enough to find mistakes in Land Registry records. In my case, Mie-Lan saved me > €40k and helped me avoid years of litigation and inconvenience. If anyone is looking for a Real Estate professional who pays meticulous attention to the buyer’s requirements and ensures all aspects of buying property are carefully considered, then I can strongly recommend Mie-Lan as your first choice. Mie-Lan invests considerable amounts of her personal time and provides an informed professional service, which is second to none.

Annemarie and Zoran Trajanovic, Heemstede

Nationale Nederlanden

Moving is never easy, but moving countries is insane.  It must have been in the stars that I got to meet Mie-Lan through a mutual friend, because after we met everything just was …well…easier. With her help we bought a great fixer-upper house in Heemstede and are very exited about the prospect of rebuilding it over the next coming months.  I think Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency provided a wonderfull service to me and my husband, in both Dutch and English, always informing us of the way things work in Holland and in the house-buying-business. My whole family would like to say thank you Mie-Lan, for being a fantastic real estate agent. Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency truly the one real estate agent that listened to our needs…  thank you kindly!

Marcelle Gowie and Steven Bramble, Amsterdam

Tom Tom, Nike

We used Mie-Lan as our Real Estate Agent. My husband and I had no clue what we were looking for in the beginning and we gave Mie-Lan a huge list of things we wanted. She started work straight away, we started to get properties to look at the same day. She took us to see loads of properties and was very patient as my husband and myself ooo and ahh about the properties we looked at. After about a year of searching we eventually bought the place we were renting and Mie-Lan negotiated a great price for us. Now we are Living in a place we didn’t think we could get and loving it. We would highly recommend Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency. Mie-Lan is very patient and honest. Thank you Mie-Lan Estate Agency for all your help.

Lucas Borja, Amsterdam

Lightspeed Research

Buying an appartment was not an easy decision, much less deciding which was the appartment I wanted to buy. Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency provided excellent guidance and support throughout the house hunt, they kept me focused on what I actually wanted of my living space and made sure every visit was in line with these requirements. Most notable for me was Mie-Lan’s commitment to seeing the deal go through; she dealt in the most professional manner with the many aspects of my personal situation, including my choice of mortgage advisor, employment condition, residence situation and marital status. For all of this Mie-Lan has my highest recommendation.

Tricia Fitzgerald and David Cahill, Amsterdam

With the help of Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency we bought our first house. As it was our first house we had no clue where to begin. We were recommended to seek Mie-Lans help by some colleagues and we are very glad we did.  From our first meeting with Mie-lan we felt well informed and at ease about the huge undertaking of buying our first house. Mie-Lan was very helpful in explaining all the ins and outs of buying a house in The Netherlands. Everyone at Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency were always available to answer any questions we had and we were very happy with their service. We would recommend Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency to anyone; expat or otherwise.

Ana Marquez and Luís Gomes de Abreu, Amsterdam

We came in contact with Mie-Lan when we where looking for houses to buy. Even after just one brief encounter, Mie-Lan was very honest in suggesting what would suit us best. As the search proceeded we decided to contact Mie-Lan again in order to have an agent which would help us dealing with all the legal situations, as well as because she gave us a good first impression. This was a life saver and Mie-Lan took care of the process very delicately, corresponding to our expectations in a very professional but also informal way. During negotiations Mie-Lan made sure we would have a good deal and until the end of the process she always worked with really good partners which gave us a sense of liability and trust. So, we are really satisfied that Mie-Lan was our agent as this made the whole buying process a little less scary.

Merve Bilgin, Amsterdam


I got the contact details of Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency from friends who recently purchased a home and I wasn’t even sure at the time if I should buy or continue to rent but wanted to take my chances. I though I knew what I wanted already and Mie Lan has been tremendous help to understand the market, availabilities, what I should consider in my decision making as well and needless to say once I found my new home to deal with the legal and paper work which is a pain for any foreigner. Buying a home may be the most important personal and financial decision anyone makes in their life and Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency totally understands that and makes sure that you are comfortable with your decision and new home. Her calm and friendly personality also helps you with the whole process. Mie-Lan, thanks again for all your help, it is truly appreciated.

Luciano Zorzetto, Utrecht


I was recommended Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency by several colleagues in separate occasions and that couldn’t be a coincidence. I first picked a couple of locations in Utrecht and then asked for her assistance. Picking that one place you really like is only the first part of the job! Then came the reality checks on the house, the bidding, the notary. All things which Mie-Lan and her staff take care of. I really appreciated the level of attention dedicated to my case and the skill in preparing and executing the bidding. I ended up with a very good deal, which has left me with more budget for the fun part -furnishing my new home. Thank you once more!