Subsidy for the removal of asbestos roofs

Next year there will be a fund where homeowners can borrow money to remove their asbestos roof.

It will also be possible to co-finance the remediation of asbestos facades through this fund. For it is obvious , when a house has both an asbestos roof and an asbestos facade to tackle this completely. With this fund the State Secretary Mrs. Van Veldhoven wants to help owners replacing their asbestos roof. It is paid by the government, provinces, municipalities and banks. Mind that it is not an obligation, but she wants to anchorage people to have it changed in time. To have people taking action and start in the short term the fund runs until 2028. A ban on asbestos roofs has been around for many years, but it just didn’t happen. But from 2028 it will be forbidden to have roofs that contain asbestos.

Since July 1, 1993 it was no longer allowed to use asbestos in the Netherlands. Asbestos fibers can be life-threatening if you inhale them. The older a roof is, the more asbestos fibers it could release. That makes the roofs a bit more dangerous every year. To further eliminate asbestos, insurers are going to exclude asbestos roofs in the future. For house owners it will be more difficult to sell such a property. If you want to buy such a house, you can’t get a mortgage.

So it is advisable to take action the coming years if you have an asbestos roof!


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