At Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency, we work hard to ensure you receive professional, friendly, and efficient service. Read here the testimonials from our satisfied customers whom we've assisted in buying or selling their homes:

Selling a house is a much bigger task than we initially thought. We considered selling the house ourselves because that seemed doable on the internet or using an online real estate agent because it was much cheaper. But because you want it to be done right, we ended up at Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency after following real estate agents' websites. Why Mie-Lan? Partly intuition, not flashy, familiar with selling in the neighborhood. The strength of Mie-Lan is her professional, friendly way of communicating with both the selling party and the buyer. This is an advantage for both parties and makes the deal go smoothly. The people behind the scenes at Mie-Lan Kok were also easily accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic and responded quickly to questions. Looking back at the process, we are content with the choice of a 'real' estate agent who knows what she's doing and follows a tight schedule.

- Tom


Recommended definitely! Mie-Lan Kok has been very helpful with the buying of my first apartment. I am always informed in time about the next steps I need to take to continue with the process. Besides that, I also receive documents and related information that are translated properly. In general, I am happy with the provided service.

Haiyi Ma Amsterdam

I know Mie-Lan already for some 30 years. A while ago I asked her for advice regarding the selling of my wife’s house. She was very helpful with just the right focus on certain topics (for example, the angle and positioning for taking the right pictures to make the objects more “catchy”). That really speeded up the selling of the house. Her extensive background and expertise create the best advice. Her business partner Marieke and her back-office provide caring and professional support. My apartment in Amsterdam was sold in rather a short time for the right price. It makes me a satisfied customer. I will surely recommend Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency in the future whenever appropriate.

Jan van Aalst Amsterdam

Now when all the emotions with purchasing our dream house are down, we would like to thank you and your co-workers for an excellent service you provided to us. We appreciate all your work in arranging the purchase of our new house in a way that it was a very relaxing and trouble-free experience to us. We are very pleased with our cooperation and therefore we will recommend Mie-Lan Kok agency to our friends.

Aneta & Maciej Stodolni Haarlem

I am extremely pleased that I had Mie-Lan and company as my real estate agency. They are very professional, thorough in their research, and one of the very few agencies who truly work for the customer’s interest. Mie-Lan not only negotiated the price and got me a nice discount but also thankfully stopped me from buying bad properties.

Susan Shimara Amsterdam

Mie-Lan Kok estate agency helped us find the right investment property for our company. This was the second time they successfully closed a sale for us. As we were abroad, everything from viewings to purchase was handled by Mie-Lan and her colleagues, with constant feedback to us. Even though the market was hot, the process went smoothly. We thoroughly recommend her and her colleagues. The firm has great knowledge of the Amsterdam market and is open and honest about the market and the process. They are willing to go the extra mile for great client service, which we very much appreciated.

Abel & Adrienne van Staveren Amsterdam

As expats in the Netherlands and with limited or no knowledge of the language, process, and procedures to buy a property, legal requirements, etc., we thought it’s going to be a tough ride to buy our first home in The Netherlands. However, Mie-Lan Kok and her team made the journey really easy and hassle-free from understanding our requirements, showing us the properties on the market, recommending which ones not to buy, assisting with the right purchase price, negotiating with the seller's agent, and closing the deal. In fact, we closed the deal while we were away from The Netherlands on holiday! We were very happy to have had Mie-Lan Kok and her team as our trusted partners!

Niranjan Shridhar Amsterdam


Soendastraat 6-A, Haarlem

Satisfied buying and selling client.

Andrey Sidorkin
I sold my house in Haarlem and bought a new one using Mie-Lan Kok estate agency and I am very happy about choosing them. Mie-Lan is a true professional and has great experience in real estate that truly comes to life in her work. Mie-Lan carries out the tasks of both buying and selling with utmost attention to details. She  carefully planned and executed everything from start to finish, and during the process Mie-Lan always kept informed about the different stages of the process. I would definitely recommend Mie-Lan estate agency to anyone dealing with real estate!