At Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency we work hard to ensure you receive professional, friendly, and efficient service.  Below you will find comments and feedback from clients all over the world. We would like to thank them, and encourage you to go after the house of your dreams. Our customers are our continued source of inspiration.

Markus & Allison Ochs, Amsterdam


Mie-Lan and her company did a great job from search to post-contract trouble shouting for us. The whole approach made it comfortable us to search and buy a home in a new country without speaking the knowledge nor knowing habits and laws.

Cuixiao Feng & Weiwei Du, Hoofddorp


我们非常高兴有Mie-Lan Kok作为我们在荷兰的买房中介。他们非常专业,效率很高,确实是处处为客户着想。在实地看房的过程中,Mie-Lan Kok给了我们很多非常有价值的意见,不少细节的考量确实在建立在多年的经验基础之上的,这是我们最为看重也是最感谢Mie-Lan Kok 的地方。而且Mie-Lan Kok所有交流都是英文,荷兰语的文件都会主动翻译成英文,重要文件比如买房合同还会登门讲解。正是有了Mie-Lan Kok,我们在荷兰的买房经历才如此顺利,值得推荐。

I would like to recommend Mie-Lan Kok as your Real Estate Agent in Netherlands.They are professional, efficiency and really customer-oriented. During house viewing, their opinions and experience are really helpful. They also helped us to check all the documents and provided us the translation and explanation face to face in English. If you want to purchase real estate in Netherlands, Mie-Lan Kok are definitely your first choice.

Jianjun and Hong Sun, Beverwijk


经人介绍,我们联系到了Mie-Lan Kok 置业中介,帮助我们购买在荷兰居住的理想房屋。Mie-Lan(米兰)Kok 和她的团队做事专业,待人可亲,英语流利,非常方便我们这种初到荷兰,还不懂荷兰语的外国人。而且Mie-Lan本人有华人血统,她的祖父是最早来到荷兰开创自己事业的华人,这让我们彼此都感到亲切。

我们采用了Mie-Lan置业中介的一揽子服务:从荷兰房屋市场的介绍开始,搜索合适的房源,安排房屋参观,提供参考意见,协助竞争报价到最后的签署公证文件。Mie-Lan 的专业意见在我们寻找,评估及报价购买房屋的过程中起到了十分重要的作用。而且凭她多年的从业经验和敏锐的观察力,及时帮我们发现了一个卖主设置的小陷阱,避免我们仅凭个人喜好做出错误的判断,及其随之有可能带来的麻烦。Mie-Lan 为人坦诚而且很有耐心,处处为顾客着想,这一点让我们非常欣赏。在办理过户手续时,她还帮我们找到一位中文超级标准流利,知识面很广的荷兰专业翻译,这对我们的帮助也很大。

总之我们对购买的房屋非常满意,也愿意和华人朋友们分享我们在荷兰的这段愉快的购房经历。我们很庆幸当年买房前找到了 Mie-Lan 置业中介,Mie-Lan 团队的服务值得信赖!


We knew Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency by the introduction of others and we had a very nice experience with her and her assistant. They are custom-oriented, professional and friendly. They offer help before the start and after the end of the buying process. Here are some points of the helps we would recommend: First Mie-Lan gave us a clear introduction the procedures of buying a house in The Netherlands and what she can do for us. Very professional and detailed. She speaks fluent English and has prepared the documents in English (very important for us as we only know Chinese and English.) During house viewing, she gave professional opinions, not only about the quality of the house and the equipment, but also the house value in the future. In the bidding process, she helped us buy the house we were most interested in. That is the biggest achievement of our collaboration. Also based on her experience, we avoided some tricks in the bidding, which may bring a very bad result. She found an excellent translator for us and solved the problems with the notary. The assistant is very nice and has a warm-heart. She always gives positive feedbacks. We are very happy with the house. We are very grateful to Mie-Lan Estate Agency for their help and would like to recommend them to other expats. We believe that Mie-Lan Estate Agency will not let you down.

Bram Julsing, Amsterdam


Mie-Lan helped me with finding and buying my first own place, and with all the steps involved. In the end we found the apartment that satisfied almost all my criteria (which was a long list!). Thanks to her experience of the market and her negation skills, I also got the apartment for a very good price. I’m grateful for her assistance and I would recommend her and her team to anyone that is looking for a professional and knowledgeable real estate agent.

Rowena Ricalde and Moises Aranas, Amsterdam


Mie-Lan Kok and her colleagues helped us every step of the way in getting our new home. Even until now, if we have questions about the house they go out of their way to help us. They are a very good company and I wish them the best

Hira Fatima and Shahzad Gill, Amstelveen

We used Mie-Lan Kok to help us find our first home. Since we are expats in The Netherlands, without knowing the language, seemed like a huge task. The service we received was amazing, honest advice and always punctual for appointments. They made the whole process look so easy. Many thanks MLK.

Jennifer Horning and Paul Brotherton, Amsterdam

Wetlands International, Solidaridad

Mie-Lan and her staff were essential to our success in buying a home in Amsterdam. When we started searching we were looking primarily in Utrecht, but our focus changed to Amsterdam and luckily Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency covers both cities. We feel very fortunate to have succeeded in buying the place we did – there was a lot of interest, and it was listed and sold within a week. We were first-time home buyers, and had to move quickly and needed a lot of information before making an offer. We were very impressed with the effort of Mie-Lan’s team, in particular our lead Nelleke Alblas, as she was very thorough in tracking down critical details on the building, the division deed, ownership association and renovation plans – and making sure we understood documents that were in Dutch. We made many requests and Mie-Lan’s team showed a willingness to make the extra effort to ensure we had what we needed to close the deal. Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency’s professionalism and reputation meant that the selling party was comfortable to go with us when there were multiple offers to choose from. We are thrilled with our new home and can’t recommend Mie-Lan, Nelleke and the rest of her team highly enough.

Kate Pearson, Utrecht

Wetlands International

Mie-Lan is very professional, and she and her team helped my partner and I find a house — after a lot of searching — over an 8 month period in the Utrecht area. Her support and advice on making appointments, offers, and negotiating was extremely useful as we’re both expats. She came recommended to me by 3 friends who had already bought properties with her help, and I’ve already recommended her to two others who have also successfully found homes — in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Bilthoven.

Rebecca and Chris Desjardins, Amsterdam

Naturalis, TomTom

Mie-Lan makes buying a house easy, her staff are all very hard working and professional and you get the feeling that they are all on your team. My wife and I were getting frustrated by the Amsterdam housing market, we started off on our own and looked at many places for about a month without success, then we met Mie-Lan and successfully made an offer on a house in less than a week. Not only did she take care of everything that needed to be done in a very short amount of time, she also got us a good deal on a property that we love. We are very happy with our new home, and with Mie-Lan’s agency.

Costanca Boschetti and Nicola Ceccarelli, Amsterdam

We have worked with Mie-Lan more than a year to get our dream house. She and all her office staff has been extremely patient in waiting for the right time and right house. They have been extremely professional and guided us trough all the steps till we finally got our beautiful house. I highly recommend Mie-Lan and with no doubt we would not have got the same house without her help.