At Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency we work hard to ensure you receive professional, friendly, and efficient service.  Below you will find comments and feedback from clients all over the world. We would like to thank them, and encourage you to go after the house of your dreams. Our customers are our continued source of inspiration.

Florian Sommer, Haarlem

I worked with Mie-Lan Kok to assist me in buying property in the Netherlands and had a very positive experience.
They where very much focused on finding the right place for me and did not try to press me into buying anything that was not a “perfect match”.

To describe them with a couple of works: Focused, friendly, knowledgeable, fair, customer orientated and a pleasure to work with

I can highly recommend Mie-Lan and her Estate Agency, especially for expats!

Narveet Brar, Amsterdam

I used Mie Lan Kok estate agent for the purchase of my apartment. I went to Mie Lan Kok after a frustrating experience with another makelaar and after having looked around for an apartment for a number of months. What I immediately noticed was the care and attention provided by everyone at the agency. I had the pleasure of dealing with Nelleke, Marieke and Mie – Lan, and what I appreciated the most was their honesty in advising me on whether or not I should make an offer on an apartment. They genuinely cared about my interests, were patient, made effort to understand what I wanted, took time to investigate the apartment, and offered a lot of support and guidance. They were always available even outside of office hours. Buying an apartment is a stressful experience, and a big commitment so it is important to work with a makelaar that you can trust, and who will help you find the right home for you and that is exactly what you can expect with Mie-Lan Kok.

Michael Chetrit & Sarah Kim, Amsterdam

I wanted to buy a home in Amsterdam so met with a makelaar (not part of Mie-Lan Kok). We met for 15 minutes, he gave me little information, and he was expensive. Then I met with Marieke who sat with me for a full hour going through the process and answering questions. I found a home quickly, and Marieke helped with answering questions related to being an expat. This is a bonus but the company is run by all women. They are personal and caring. Marieke was great. She never pushed us to get a place and made sure to let us know all the downsides of a home to really get us to think about it. My friend used them for a year until he found a home, and my other friend found a home with them in a month

Michael Bulkeley & Laurie Villareal, Amsterdam

We had a great experience with the Mie-Lan Kok team. Nelleke, Marieke, Mie-Lan and the whole team went above and beyond to assist us in buying our first home in Amsterdam. We were incredibly pleased with their service, professionalism and level of expertise. It was a long, 12-month journey and they never tired of working with us. They were especially knowledgable of the needs of expats and did their best to look out for our best interests by pointing out everything we needed to know and consider along the way so that we could make a smart investment. If you’re an expat buying a home in the Netherlands, I’d strongly recommend hiring Mie-Lan Kok as you’d have a strong team on your side.

Julien Kerbrat en Sarah Murad, Heemstede

Mie-Lan was our real estate agent when we decided to buy an apartment in the NL. She is very friendly and helpful especially when it comes to expate issues. She understands very well our specific needs and follow all the procces along with you. Thanks a lot Mie-Lan and also to your lovely team!

Iblis Le Guen en Bruno Forgeron, Amsterdam

”We had a great experience with Mie-Lan Kok real estate. Mie-Lan and her team where really listening and understanding about our needs, our criteria and our availability. Their service is a great value for some expect like us to understand how it’s work in The Netherlands and helped us to feel more confident in the process of buying a house. ”

Paula Bergasa Suso, Amsterdam

Corning Life Sciences

Nelleke, Mie-Lan and all the ladies have been very helpful on the process of getting an apartment. It is a real customer experience.

Luciano Zorzetto, Amsterdam

Tommy Hilfiger
“I chose to work with Mie-Lan and her team for the second time and I am very happy. This time we both sold my previous apartment in Utrecht and bought a new one in Amsterdam.
In the sale of the old place, I was confident that we had a great negotiation strategy and it turned out very well.
In the search for the new place, I appreciated the frank feedback during the visits and the background checks about the prospective apartments: the team really wants to make sure that you don’t have surprises or miss important details.
I have recommended them to more friends and colleagues in the years, who also became happy homeowners”.

Emre Turan, Amsterdam


Working with Mie-Lan Kok and her colleagues was a really nice experience. As expats living in the Netherlands who didn’t speak any Dutch and didn’t know anything about buying a house in the Netherlands, they explained us everything clearly and answered our questions with patience. During the house searching, Mie-Lan gave us honest and helpful feedbacks which certainly helped us to make the right decision. We would highly recommend Mie-Lan Kok’s agency to anyone who is looking for a house to buy in the Netherlands. Thank you very much for your help, patience and kindness!

Jan van Aalst, Amsterdam

I know Mie-Lan already for some 30 years. A while ago I asked her for advice regarding the selling of my wife’s house. She was very helpful with just the right focus on certain topics (for example the angle and positioning for taking the right pictures to make the objects more “catchy”).  That really speeded up the selling of the house. Her extensive background and expertise creates the best advice. Her business partner Marieke and her back-office provide caring and professional support. My appartment in Amsterdam was sold in rather a short time for the right price. It makes me a satisfied customer. I will surely recommend Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency in the future whenever appropriate.