At Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency we work hard to ensure you receive professional, friendly, and efficient service.  Below you will find comments and feedback from clients all over the world. We would like to thank them, and encourage you to go after the house of your dreams. Our customers are our continued source of inspiration.

Nadine and Enda Loftus, Hoofddorp

Gemeente Amsterdam

Wij willen jullie hierbij erg bedanken voor alles. Jullie hebben samen met onze hypotheekadviseur alles zo goed en snel kunnen regelen en onze complimenten voor jullie deskundigheid en contact en samenwerking en onze complimenten dat jullie in een korte tijd het hele proces vanaf het begin zo keurig hebben kunnen regelen en afhandelen. Ook hebben wij tijdens het hele proces van de aankoop van onze nieuwe woning de gehele tijd een heel fijn en vertrouwd gevoel gehad en wisten dat alles goed geregeld en afgehandeld zou worden. Nogmaals bedankt.

Melanie Enid and James Appleby, Amsterdam

Sole Technology

Being new arrivals in the Netherlands, we were very fortunate to meet Mie-Lan at our first apartment viewing in Amsterdam. We found Mie-Lan and her team to be extremely professional and highly experienced. Mie-Lan understood our ‘wish list’ and never wasted anytime by suggesting any properties that were inappropriate. She was able to guide us though the market to find exactly what were looking for, and then negotiated a very good price for it. Most importantly for us, and perhaps unexpectedly, we found Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency to be thoughtful and genuine. They understand the needs and concerns of someone newly arrived in the country in regards to purchasing a property, but also on a personal level. We have already enthusiastically recommended Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so.

Gabriele Sabato, Amstelveen


Buying a property in a foreign country is not easy. Local regulation and practices may be significantly different from what you are used to. I decided to use the services of Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency and they helped me to solve all issues and to find the house that I was looking for. The process became clear and smooth and I only had to focus in ensuring that the property was meeting my standards. Their help was essential in any step of the process. Without any doubt, I would recommend any expat looking for a new house in the Netherlands to seek their professional service. The house is great. We moved in and we are enjoying a lot.

Tamara and Eduard Bazko, Amsterdam


It was a pleasure to work with Mie-Lan Kok Estate Agency and Nelleke in particular, we could just relax and enjoy the professional guidance through Amsterdam’s real estate market. We expected a long and difficult search but this wasn’t the case. We have seen quite a lot of houses in short time and in a month found a house of our dream. And awesome thing: the riddle of collecting documentation, arranging appointments and many other small things which aren’t easy for an expat was solved for us by Mie-Lan Kok Estate Estate Agency. Thanks a lot!

Linda Van Brakel, Utrecht

Mie-Lan is a real asset for an expat trying to make sense of the Dutch real estate market. She is very personable knowledgeable, and has a good feel for what you are looking for. I am grateful for her asistance in also finding a contractor to remodel my apartment and helping with sorting out the utilities. I recommend her highly!

Marion Gauthier, Amsterdam

Buying your first property abroad is quite a challenge! But having good people around you to help make it true is definitely helpful. The whole team at Mie-Lan Kok agency was such an asset to me.They helped to find the perfect place and settled everything quickly, in the most efficient way. Their expertise and knowledge just made me really confident and ready to take the buying step! Thank you!

Lora Graff, Amstelveen

Genzyme Nederland

Thank you so much for all you wonderful and professional service. You have assisted me in finding my home and negotiating a good price. Additionally you were able to give me tips and insights on home construction value.  As a single woman I found your service very helpful and reassuring.